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About Green Berets


U.S. Special Forces soldiers are often called Green Berets because of their distinctive head-gear. The motto of the Green Berets is “De Oppresso Liber” which is Latin for “Free the Oppressed.” During the Vietnam War, they were sent in to recruit and train indigenous people to fight with them.

The Green Berets are considered some of the most elite soldiers in the United States. They go through rigorous military training, specializing in certain areas like communications or explosives. But they also learn the language and culture of specific regions throughout the world. For example, many Green Berets learned French and Vietnamese during the Vietnam War.

In the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the Green Berets worked closely with the Montagnard people. While sending the Green Berets to this particular area was a strategic move to win the war, it forged unlikely friendships on the battle grounds. Many of the American soldiers in Vietnam came to know and love the Montagnard people. As a result, many of the American soldiers and Montagnard soldiers that fought together during the Vietnam War are still very close.

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